math error with 'Distance to TjMAX' in Fahrenheit


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Hi, I just started using this utility, and looking at the temp of my cores, I switched to Fahrenheit.  Wondering what temperature my computer shuts off at, I noticed 'Distance to TjMAX' and realized that it refers to a value that one can set alerts to go off in relation to and whatnot.  I noticed by right-clicking it to 'Adjust Tj,max' that the default is 100°C, which makes enough sense.(Though unless I am mistaken, my computer shuts off at a temperature less high than 100°C, but I get it, it's easy to calculate with.) 
However, in Fahrenheit, when one of my cores is 167°F, the 'Distance to TjMAX' is 77°F.  167 + 77 is 244, and the numbers always add up to 244, but 100°C is 212°F, right?  Everything adds up correctly in Celsius.  When converting, you divide or multiply by 1.8 (I believe) or its reciprocal, but, before or after(depending which way one is converting but it's when you're working with Fahrenheit), you subtract or add 32, because 32F° is the difference between the zero points of the two units.  Since 244 is 32 more than 212, I am assuming the addition step is done an extra time somewhere when it calculates the 'Distance to TjMAX'.  Although, since the program seems to work in Celsius, and merely convert(s) to display in Fahrenheit, I think it won't mess with the alerts going off. 
Actually, if I click the box to enable alerting in the sensor settings with a core or 'core #x Distance to TjMAX' selected, the value box doesn't seem to have '°C' next to it like the 'Adjust Tj,max' box did, so it looks like alerts work in whichever unit is selected, so maybe it could cause an issue with alerts after all, but probably only if one is using Fahrenheit.
Anyway, this seems like a pretty simple (coding?) error, so I imagine it will be a relatively easy one to fix.  I'm not the only one experiencing this am I?  That would be confusing.  I just downloaded the latest beta, v4.65-2545, though I just checked and it's the same in v4.64, which I first downloaded before updating to the beta.  Both are standalone, not that it should make any difference. 
Oh, a thought, shouldn't the units for 'Distance to TjMAX' be 'C°' or 'F°', instead of the ° symbol first, because it's a temperature differential.  ;)
HWiNFO internally works in degrees Celsius as almost all (>99%) sensors report their values in Celsius.
But you're right about the "distance" which in case of Fahrenheit is displayed as an absolute value (so [C] * 1.8 + 32) and not as a difference from Tj,max in Fahrenheit.
I'll fix this in the next build and also check the alerting.