Memory Modules Issue


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Hi everyone. I have a small issue here. I've already sent a new kit back to newegg and just received a brand new kit of 32gb 4x8gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200.

When I first installed them, hwinfo64 saw them by their full name, now, and after messing with Corsair iCUE, I only have one that shows its full name. The others are only showing some of the characters, and in iCue, only one is recognized.

Windows sees all 32gb just fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Some older versions for RGB control software could cause a corruption of the DIMM SPD data. It looks like yours are damaged in the same way.
Thanks, I went ahead and returned them and ordered gskill trident z rgb. Do you think they'll be corrupted as well, or am I safe since they won't be using icue?
Any memory modules can be corrupted if the RGB control software is not properly written or interferes with other tools that access the SPD.
Not to use any RGB control software, Intel chipsets also offer SPD Write-disable feature. The whole RGB protocol wasn't designed properly.
Any way of restoring spd back to original? I read using typhoon burner, but have no back up of the original spd. Should I even try?