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I am curious about Row: 1. It does not show a BANK/DIMM number.
All 32gb of memory is detected by the windows/linux and hwinfo64.

A2/B2 contains crucial memory and A1/B2 contain corsair memory.

The reason for the mixture is that crucial appears to have discontinued production of their ballistix brand of memory.

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That might be when the DIMM doesn't have a serial number so HWiNFO cannot match its exact location in system.
If you post the HWiNFO Debug File I will look into the details and see if this can be fixed.
You are correct neither of the corsair dimms have serial numbers but the first module row labeling is shown correctly.


  • hwinfo64 log file.txt
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I searched the debug file and found 2 references to crucial BUT only one reference to corsair.


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Thanks. Yes, this is because of the mixup - 2 modules have serial numbers and 2 don't and HWiNFO is unable to determine the location in this case.