Missing VR vout and the current / power readings - MSI z790 edge D4...

Hi, can't find the VR vout and the current / power readings (like amps in and out etc) and I have the z790 edge...Im using the latest Hwinfo64...is there some setting im missing?

Im using the latest beta - 7.33-4905.

People using the z690 edge have all of these readouts...maybe I am doing something wrong or dont have something enabled?

Thanks for any help.
The MPG Z790 EDGE (MS-7D91) model doesn't seem to have a software-accessible VRM allowing monitoring of those values.
The MPG Z790 EDGE (MS-7D91) model doesn't seem to have a software-accessible VRM allowing monitoring of those values.
well thats ....disappointing....pretty sure the z690 model did and this was a $500 board. =( Thanks for looking at it and responding.
The MPG Z790 EDGE (MS-7D91) model doesn't seem to have a software-accessible VRM allowing monitoring of those values.
This is the voltage info from HWINFO if it helps....or if there is anything else I can give you please let me know. I filed a support ticket with MSI to enquire:

Voltage Regulator (SVID)
VCC VR: Intersil ISL69269, IMVP9.1
VR Thermal Sensor: Supported

Super-IO/LPC Chip: Nuvoton NCT6687D
The MPG Z790 EDGE (MS-7D91) model doesn't seem to have a software-accessible VRM allowing monitoring of those values.
Hey Martin, I’m also passing this along which may or not be helpful:

Apparently, Intersil and Renesas are the same and/or interchangeable names. Mouser says it's a digital controller, so I would imagine it has to be readable somehow, but I'm not an expert on this. Maybe Martin can chime in on what he would need in order to read it.

Hey, mention this: Intersil ISL 69269 sensors blanking out | HWiNFO Forum

Seems Gigabyte (and ASROCK) used the Intersil ISL69269 on their Z490/Z590 boards, and it used to report in HWINFO just fine. Martin might be able to work with that kind of info
Yes, but the other thing is how these controllers are connected to the mainboard. It seems that in some cases they are not accessible or connected to other proprietary hosts.
Has anything changed about this? From what I've noticed this board uses a Renesas RAA229131 VRM controller along with an Intersil ISL99390 mosfet which seems to support software monitoring.
In addition, there is also an MPSP15 controller for single phase VCCAUX. Maybe we should just contact MSI to unlock access to the controller via SMBUS.

@Martin You could look again at my report on the topic of cooling, but maybe I have some port on which the VRM controller is located, I don't know why, but I noticed that after turning on debugging, additional sensors appeared that were previously missing from the LPCIO level , that's exactly what 3VSB, AVSB, VTT, VBAT, VREF came up with, all of them seem to show the correct values, plus they're still available when debugging is turned off.

I don't know why yet, but the MS-7D91 doesn't seem to have the VRM/PWM accessible. I tried this in the past but it didn't work out.
Problem here is also that several vendors don't want others to monitor the VRMs. There were issues with some other software that might collide with monitoring tools and cause instability.
For example, I'm currently spending a lot of time implementing VRM monitoring on certain series for a certain vendor which requires a lot effort. And when I just got this working finally (after several days of hard work), the vendor has recently changed his mind and told me they don't want this to be released to users... I'm trying to convince them...
I could give you a test build for the MS-7D91 that will try to support VRM monitoring there, but from my previous experience it didn't work on this model...
It turns out that MSI must somehow block access to the controller via SMBUS, which is a bit sad considering that previous Z690 models supported monitoring almost from the beginning.

I will probably be very happy to test your test build and if necessary I will be able to help in providing information, I hope that in the future we will be able to provide access to VRM monitoring, which is quite important in my opinion.

I still have a question about the LPCIO sensors, to illustrate the situation, I will abandon the screenshots showing what I mean. I do not understand why basic sensors such as VBAT, 3VSB or AVCC are missing in normal operation mode, at first I thought that this LPCIO (Nuvoton NCT6687D) is so poor that it does not support these sensors, but after turning on debugging in HWInfo they appear and give the impression that they work fine, i found that disabling debugging doesn't hide them until the next reboot, isn't this a bug?

Thank you


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I have temporary re-enabled VRM monitoring for the MS-7D91 model so please try this build and provide a new Debug File: www.hwinfo.com/beta/hwi64_737_4978.zip
But I'm quite sure it won't work as this was already tested and it didn't.

Regarding the additional LPC sensor values - I have to admit that I have no idea why this happens. Looks like those sensor inputs aren't enabled by default and something in Debug Mode unintentionally causes them to initialize.
I attach a new debug file from the beta version, there is no trace of VRM monitoring anywhere, which is rather confirming that there is no access, I saw in other threads that you can contact individual manufacturers, whether MSI actually said that there is no chance to act, maybe someone Simply put, when compiling the bios, he moved something in SMBus, which causes no access.

As for LPC, I am surprised myself, especially since now I can't force these additional 5 sensors to show up, but I wonder if it was all Hwinfo's mistake, or maybe this LPC actually serves these spearbooks and for a long time no one was aware of their existence , due to the excluded entrance, especially since the values that indicated looked good, two of them even checked with a multimeter and agreed with the real state.

Thank you


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I already asked MSI about this model and they said the VRM is not accessible and that it's using RAA229132 (instead of the usual RAA229131). Later they denied to provide further details as they don't like the idea of monitoring VRMs. So I'm not sure whether it's the RAA229132 or some different access/connection to the PWM that doesn't allow monitoring here.
Indeed, it could be RAA229132, I looked exactly at the photos of this disc without cooling on the Internet and the controller is put a hand -like letter V by a marker which covers part of the PWM model, but with a lot of approximately the approximately you managed to decode that it is 132 and not 131, it is very bad Message and confirms me in the fact to definitely avoid any MSI equipment in the future. As for LPC, is it possible to activate the exit for these additional sensors in some way? At that time, I would be able to verify whether their indications coincide with more measurements, it seems to me that such basic sensors as VBAT/3VSB/VTT etc. should be available on any plate better than a total office base.

Thank you