Monitoring Temp Sensor Probes / Issues with ASUS x570 Temps

I'm wanting to monitor temp sensor probes from my ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards, but I'm not seeing a readout for it in Sensors in HWiNFO. I'd like to be able to pull the ID from HWiNFO for Rainmeter to monitor these things on a secondary screen, but it doesn't seem like HWiNFO pulls from these sensors, or if it does, I'm just not seeing it.

So, I guess my question is, are there any settings I can apply to monitor these, or am I just out of luck?

Also, I'm wondering what some of these temps are on ASUS Strix X570-E Gaming:

Temp 2 and Temp 5 run very hot (reaching into the 90C range), but it's weird, because the cooler I make the system run (cranked central A/C down and put a box fan in the side of my case), the hotter those two temps get. While the rest of the system drops into 20C territory. This is all at an idle state, sitting at the desktop.

My system has plenty of cooling. I've got three 140mm Cryorig Performance fans as intake, one 140mm Phanteks fan as rear exhaust, and a 320 radiator with 3 x 120mm fans as top exhaust. All other components idle and run perfectly even at full load. My CPU and GPU never leave 60C~ during high demand games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Origins.

We're talking about this on the ASUS forums, with lots of other people having the same high temps on those two components. The only thing I can think is that it's southbridge and VRM? But why would those things get HOTTER as the rest of the system gets cooler from a massive box fan blowing directly onto the motherboard? Makes no sense to me. My posts on the ASUS forums are at the bottom of this thread.

Just figured I'd try to get an opinion from another forum on the matter.



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