MSI MEG 570X ACE Reported CPU Temps


Attached is a screen shot of HWInfo64 v.6.14 showing the reported temps for the 3800X CPU after running Cinebench R20. Note the difference in the CPU temps AMD Ryzen and MSI MEG. I assume the AMD Ryzen temps are close to correct. What is going on with the MSI MEG reported temps? They do not seem to change very much?



I'm looking dumb again! But...which is more accurate in your opinion the Ryzen stuff or the MSI MEG stuff? I want to believe the MSI MEG values since the CPU(2) and Vcore values are a little lower.


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The last CPU value under the MSI sensor, which correlates with "CPU (Tctl/Tdie)" should be correct.
I will remove the others to avoid confusion in the next build.