MSI MEG 570X ACE Reported CPU Temps


Attached is a screen shot of HWInfo64 v.6.14 showing the reported temps for the 3800X CPU after running Cinebench R20. Note the difference in the CPU temps AMD Ryzen and MSI MEG. I assume the AMD Ryzen temps are close to correct. What is going on with the MSI MEG reported temps? They do not seem to change very much?


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I'm looking dumb again! But...which is more accurate in your opinion the Ryzen stuff or the MSI MEG stuff? I want to believe the MSI MEG values since the CPU(2) and Vcore values are a little lower.
The last CPU value under the MSI sensor, which correlates with "CPU (Tctl/Tdie)" should be correct.
I will remove the others to avoid confusion in the next build.