MSI Tomahawk Z490 + HWiNFO + Argus monitor conflict


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Hello, I have already in process troubleshooting this conflict with the developers of Argus monitor but I'm gonna post it here as well.

Basically either program can run on its own without issue but when they are run together the fan control will stop to work, often stopping fans at 0 RPM. Well 4/5 to be exact, 5th one still spins even if its "off", it cant be manually turned off either, that's by design I guess. Developers of Argus are notified and tried to work out a solution but it doesn't seem to be one sided issue. After the issue happens, and that seems to correspond with moving GUI elements like in the video but not exclusively, Nuvoton chip would sometimes scramble a lot of other parameters too, showing 138C on the CPU package. Some of those issues also persist after reboot and require a power drain or the BIOS would not boot reporting said temperature on the CPU.

In any case, here is the video and the debug file, developers of Argus tell me you are aware of each other so have at it. :) If you need any more info from me I'll provide it.

I tried to upload thru the site but it says the files are too big.
We're working on this issue with ArgusMonitor and I believe we found the problem.
Currently discussing possible solutions to properly synchronize access to the sensor, we should have a solution soon.