MSI X570 Unify SoC Power Reading


Mainboard: MSI X570 Unify
CPU: 3900X
Problematic Sensor Readout: CPU [#0]: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X: Enhanced --> CPU SoC Power (SVI2 TFN)
Problem: The powerusage of the SoC scales with Voltage, but otherwise remains constant in idle and shows minimal fluctuation under load. The combined powerusage of Cores and SoC scales down correctly, even below the value of SoC power only (!). Because of the correct combined reading, there should be the correct value for SoC only?

Thanks in advance
This value is read from internal CPU telemetry and reported based on board design.
Perhaps a BIOS update might change something, but otherwise there's nothing else I can do here.
Interesting, since there is a correct readout in Ryzen Master and HWiNFO itself in combination with the cores.