Network Activity Display With Teaming


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Hi Martin, I noticed the new network activity attributes in HWiNFO64, very nice as usual.

Just FYI, one board I use has dual NICs which I have teamed in an adaptive load balancing configuration. The HWiNFO64 display of the teamed NICs works fine, an example:


One thing I noticed, the "Current DL Rate" and "Current UP Rate" fields for the NIC that is first in the display (Intel I217) were grouped under the Intel I211AT heading. In other words, I had two "Current DL Rate" and "Current UP Rate" fields under the I211 heading, and none under the I217 heading.

I moved those two fields up under the Intel I217 heading. But I remembered that the I211AT NIC is configured as the primary adapter, the I217 as secondary adapter.

I'm wondering if you purposefully put the I217's "Current DL Rate" and "Current UP Rate" fields under the primary adapter? Just curious.

Do you know if the value in the Maximum column for "Total DL" for the primary I211 adapter is just for it, or the total for the team? Thanks.


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I think the invalid positioning of those values happened as a negative side-effect of the feature that allows reordering of sensor values. So when HWiNFO first enumerated the sensors, the i217-V values were not available and appeared later. However during the 1st run HWiNFO remembers positions of all values and when a new one arrives, it puts it at the end of the list. I will need to fix this somehow.
Currently, this should be easy to restore: click the “Configure Sensors” button, select the Layout tab and press the "Restore Original Order" button.
Martin, if you mean reordering of the sensors by the user (me), I have done that in some cases. Also, when I begin using a new version of HWiNFO64, I don't select the overwrite of the ini file (if I recall the terminology correctly) since I don't want to lose my ordering of attributes. I also remove some attributes from the display, and have not been using the installation versions for a while now.

I'm guessing that all this might contribute to this very small attribute ordering thing (I can't call it an issue IMO), and I just wanted to provide an example of the display on a system with two NICs that are teamed, in case you were not able to test that yourself. OTOH your analysis of the situation is no doubt correct, but you can't be sure how I am using the configuration options, so more information for you.

As you've added more useful features, IMO the display has become a little "busy". That is inevitable and a difficult thing to deal with. HWiNFO puts the most information in the least amount of space of ANY monitoring program IMO. Perhaps I'm not using all the configuration options correctly, but after removing 38 attributes, the ones I want to see will not fit on a 24", 1920 x 1200 monitor without scrolling. That is not a criticism Martin, just an observation. :)