New AGESA 1201 breaks HWInfo v7.00 snapshot polling?


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Was previously on the stable AGESA 1200 BIOS (version 1804).
Upgraded to the new stable 1201 BIOS (version 2003) for my board, so I upgraded today.

Found that a whole bunch of sensors simply no longer work when Snapshot Polling is enabled.
  • Core Clock (any)
  • Effective Core Clock (any)
  • per-Core Power SMU (any)
  • C-state residency (any)
Also not sure if the same problem, but I straight up am missing this sensor:
  • Core 0 T0 Effective Clock (T1 is still there, but Snapshot Polling naturally disables all T1 thread sensors)
I am aware that there are certain sensors that are not supposed to work in Snapshot Polling (ie. CPU Package Power SMU and SMT threads' Effective Clocks) but these are not those; surprisingly, SMU Package Power appears to now work just fine in AGESA 1201 when Snapshot is enabled.

If HWInfo restarts after the change from regular polling > snapshot polling, then when it starts again those non-working sensors disappear from the list entirely. If the application is not yet restarted, the affected sensors will all read 0 MHz or 0 W until the application is restarted.

None of this on the previous BIOS (1804 with AGESA 1200).

Normal polling:
hwinfo normal.png

Snapshot polling with the affected sensors in red:
hwinfo snapshot.jpg

This is also reflected on the Main screen when Snapshot Polling is enabled. See the Core Clock display.

hwinfo snapshot main.png

The current beta HWInfo version does not appear to have this problem, but it can't be installed and is a bit janky (I leave HWInfo open on my vertically oriented 2nd monitor so the variable column widths are weird to deal with).

I've uninstalled and reinstalled v7.00 and cleared prefs a number of times, no change.


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Proper support of AGESA Patch A was first added in v7.01 Beta:
so it won't work in v 7.00. This will be released in next/full stable version 7.02 expected this week.

Well now I feel like an idiot lol. Searched high and low on the bug forum and couldn't find anything. I suspected AGESA would be the problem with the broadly missing Clock/Effective/C-state sensors, but I was especially intrigued as to why I lost Core 0 T0 Effective alone in regularly polling mode, and none of the other sensors in that section.

Thanks for the info Martin. A quick user prefs reset fixed the sensor list in the beta, so I guess I'll be using it until the stable release.