No CPU Clock available as a HWiNFO data source in RTSS


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I need to be able to use the current value of "Core Clocks" as a data source in RTSS, but as you can see from the screenshot, it's not listed. If I enable logging of Core 0, for example, it does appear in RTSS as a data source I can add, but the (perf #n/n) keeps changing which invalidates the name that RTSS is looking for, so the data stops showing.

The tooltip on Core Clocks says that its an aggregated value. Do aggregated values not get sent to shared memory to be used as a data source? Is there a way to change this? The data that I would like to send to RTSS from HWiNFO is the current maximum CPU core clock of any one of the cores, but if that isn't available, can we figure out how to make "Core Clocks" available?

I've attached the requested report files.



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Aggregated values are not exposed via shared memory. You can however create your own custom sensor, which will be also available via shared memory: