No fans shown?

No fans shown? I enabled fan monitor, but I don't see the fans listed under sensors. So, HWiNFO, can not see the fans on my system?

BeeLink GTR7 Pro, no fans shown
BeeLink GR7, no fans shown
This might be because it uses proprietary fan control mechanisms.
If you attach the HWiNFO Debug File, I will look into that.
Here is the debug file, see attached. Talking to BeeLink, they state that they control the fans only at the BIOS level, and the control is active, I can watch the fans when I have the BIOS up, I know when the fan speed changes by sound, as the room temperature changes, the CPU core warms. Want or hope they have just not taken the time to build/create a OS visible view to the fans. Not looking for active control, just monitoring, to know if a fan is failing for example. Right now, the only indicator I can 'see' by the design, the system would shutdown due to extreme heat (of CPU, etc.). Would like to improve on that if possible.


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That system seems to be using proprietary methods via Embedded Controller which is usually different for each design/model.
If BeeLink can provide which registers to read fan speeds, we could add support.
Sure, you can give them my e-mail address, it's in HWiNFO or on the main web page.