No monitor signal after using v4.16-1900 64bit portable


Hey guys,

i have a serious issue with my Dell Precision M6500 Laptop running Windows 7 64bit.
It has a ATi FirePro 7820.

After using HWInfo v4.16-1900 64bit portable my screen got black and i had to power off my machine by holding the power button for a few seconds.
I tried to restart it, but i dont get any signal on the screen, it brightens up and i can set the brightness.
When i plug in an external monitor, i can see everything on it!
I didnt make a change in the settings, and ran with sensors only checked.
I attached the configure pages.
Can u help me?


PS: Sorry for my english, i tried my best.


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I'm sorry for what happened, though such a problem should not happen when using any software.
As the best advice I can make is to completely power off the machine - remove the AC adapter and battery. Then wait few minutes and check back.
If that won't help, maybe a complete BIOS update could be attempted.
If neither helps, I'd suggest to RMA the part.
I'm afraid, I don't think the portable version can solve this. But you can try and see, it won't become worser...
I get the same problem with every version i tried, 32 or 64, beta or newest....
Always at the same time when the box i attached pops up, the screen on both monitors goes black.


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Well, it does not show the message, but when i see the sensor stats the screens become black :(
Is it possible that the hwinfo driver can cause this problem?
So that seemed to be the problem which caused the screen to go black.
Is now your main panel screen always black and you found no way how to get it working ?
That's really bad... So not even complete power off with removing adapter and battery didn't solve it ?
it is probalpy a broken mainboard. Often the nb-chip in dell laptops lose contacts.
Found someone who is able to fix that.
I just dont know how hwinfo can cause sth like that? Or was it just a very bad coincidence?
It's hard to say what might have happened, but I think it's more likely something related to the GPU.
And since the display seems to go black when GPU I2C option is enabled, one possible scenario would be that when HWiNFO scanned whether there are additional devices connected to the GPU, something went wrong in the machine. Note, that HWiNFO doesn't change anything in the system, it just performs READ commands (no write), so it's quite strange. No component should be designed such that a read request causes a problem...
I just got another report of the same DELL laptop with the same GPU. Seems there's some kind of design anomaly, so I'm going to automatically disable the GPU I2C scan on this particular GPU model.