no VRM temps Asus Maximus XI Formula



Just wondering if it's possible to add VRM temps monitoring to HWInfo64 ?
I can see it in AIDA but there's no VRM temp in HWInfo.

Motherboard Asus ROG Maximus XI Formula

MAXIMUS XI HERO, CODE and FORMULA do not support temperature monitoring of the VRM. This was intentionally removed in the latest HWiNFO version.
Even though the system reports "some" VRM temperature, this is not a correct VRM temperature and would only cause confusion.
Try to load the CPU to maximum and you should see the resulting value in AIDA64 too low to be real, or completely erratic.
Temps looks legit to me. I'm running i9-9900k overclocked to 5250Mhz/5050avx with over 280W CPU package power under LinX load. Before i added VRM's to my watercooling loop i had like 94c at LinX stress-testing. After adding to my watercooling loop,  temps dropped to 57c at same conditions. Looks pretty legit. 

So the VRM temp reported by previous HWiNFO version was ~ 94 C under full load and after you added LC for the VRM it instantly dropped to 57 C?
Let me check this again, as from the information I got, VRMs on that board are not capable of monitoring their temperature...
Well, it looks like ASUS might be equipping these models with different VRMs - some support VRM temperature reporting, others not.
So I will bring back reporting of VRM temperature from the next (Beta) build of HWiNFO.
This should report a correct VRM temperature on boards using ASP1405I, but most probably an invalid value on those with ASP1400/ASP1401. There's no way from my side to know which VRM is used.