Normal Package Power and Power Consumption for CPU?


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would like to understand if the Power Consumption and wattage of my CPU is normal, both on idle and at 'full' load with Cinebench. I have a 5800x with Eco Mode 65w enabled, no undervolt and no other overclock other than XMP for the ram

Idle (when watching videos, the Package Power is typically 28-32w; the Core+SoC power is also around 16-20w there as well)

Cinebench (the Package Power can reach a maximum/spike of 80-88w, both in Cinebench and under gaming loads)

are both these levels of power consumption normal? I'm not sure if the CPU Package Power follows the "TDP", so I'm kind of confused on whether or not the maximum Package Power is 105w, since that is the TDP for the 5800x, or if those are different readings entirely.