Northbridge Temp Error!

DJ Tucker

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My motherboard is the MSI P6N SLI V2 and the nothbridge temperature does not update. It gives me the first reading when i start the program up and never changes. Is there any way this can be fixed so the northbridge temperature updates as does the rest of the sensors do? Report log attached however as last time unable to get debug file for some unknown reason.


Since I can't check the debug file and the report file you attached doesn't contain sensor data, I'm not sure which NB temperature you mean and from which sensor.
Could you please attach a screenshot of the sensors window showing the problematic item ?
Attached is the screen shot of the program and with the red ring is the sensor needed to be sorted :)


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Thanks, I see now.. This seems to be an issue in HWiNFO and I'm going to fix this now.
Be sure to check the next available build ;)