Nuvoton or CPU?


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Mainboard: Asrock 970 Extreme4
CPU: AMD FX-8350 black edition


Which temperature is correct?
This has been discussed here a few times already.
Recent AMD internal temperature sensors are very inaccurate at lower temperatures (below ~40 C), so the value read from them in the lower range should not be generally trusted.
Hi Martin
may i ask then which sensors on that screenshot that when reaching max temp can caused automatic system shutdown?
and then how about on my ga-f2a88xn-wifi ? , fyi i have experienced automatic shutdown happened when CPU max temp reach 100 dc under BIOS
, so which sensor under windows and hwinfo (CPU or CPU 0 or CPU package)?
thanks before :)
It should be either of those under CPU (CPU 0, CPU 0 Package) - these are the internal sensors. They should provide more accurate values when closer to high/critical temperatures. But in the lower range, they are not reliable. That means they have been designed only to protect the CPU from overheating, but not to provide accurate internal CPU temperatures across the whole range.