Nvidia 2070 Super non updating VRM Temps


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I recently discovered that the VRMTemp from my 2070s does not seem to get Updated it updates on closing and reopening but does not refresh, other Sensors regarding the GPU seem to be behaving correctly.
I wanted to attach an debug file but the file size seems to be to big if more is needed im Happy to provide that.(Tested with Version v6.26-4160)
Please compress the DBG file (ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc.) before attaching it here.
Everything looks OK on my side. Does the temperature sometimes appear in grey? Do you maybe have some other monitoring tool running in parallel with HWiNFO?
No other Monitoring and it also doesent appear in gray. But i did a complete clean install of Nvidia Drivers and now it updates again.
I did a second Debug run before the reinstall for longer if you are interested in it but for now my Issue is resolved.
Thanks for the quick Response
Update it looks like Asus Aura is interfering with the reading Problem reapeared after reactivating the RGB Sync upon deinstalling Aura VRM Temp started to update again