Nzxt grid v3 problem on v6.06


just installed the latest build to see if I can get some fan monitoring on my grid v3 contrtoller.....unfortunately it doesnt seem to work and nzxt grid doesnt seem to work on start up on Cam...I need to always install grid drivers in cam each start up.  Revert back to v5.88 and the problem went away.  When I did install the grid drivers in cam this is how it looks on v6.06, fans dont work so I cant monitor anything and for some reason its not inline with the rest of the grid v3 section.


  • grid v3 fans.PNG
    grid v3 fans.PNG
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  • hwinfo screen.PNG
    hwinfo screen.PNG
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  • hwinfo screen 2.PNG
    hwinfo screen 2.PNG
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Please try to do a "Restore Original Order" and check "Fixed order" in sensor settings / layout.
If that won't help, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.