Nzxt grid v3 problem on v6.06


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just installed the latest build to see if I can get some fan monitoring on my grid v3 contrtoller.....unfortunately it doesnt seem to work and nzxt grid doesnt seem to work on start up on Cam...I need to always install grid drivers in cam each start up.  Revert back to v5.88 and the problem went away.  When I did install the grid drivers in cam this is how it looks on v6.06, fans dont work so I cant monitor anything and for some reason its not inline with the rest of the grid v3 section.


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Please try to do a "Restore Original Order" and check "Fixed order" in sensor settings / layout.
If that won't help, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
Hi I just downloaded the latest version and the nzxt grid v3 is just blank, no values.

How do I fix this? or will It need a beta update?


Is the CAM software perhaps running? If yes, it might be blocking other applications from accessing the device, so you'll need to close it.
Hi Martin, I shut down the CAM software then exited and opened HWINFO and its still not reading any values. It was working previously with build 5.88
The only problem im finding now is that the values specifically RPMs of my fans dont fluctuate and go up with my custom fan curve. Strange
So HWiNFO now reports constant fan speed all the time ?
Try to start CAM after HWiNFO and compare what fan speed are reported in CAM and HWiNFO.
I tried a few things ...I started hwinfo after Cam and the fans started show the current rpms which is great....Then I restarted my computer and hwinfo didnt pick up any of the sensors for my grid v3 even after restarted Cam with HWINFO open and vice versa. Really strange, it seems it just doesnt pick up the grid v3 from time to time
So what is happening now, no fan speeds shown at all, or always showing the same speed?
hi Martin, Basically yes.....Sometimes on restart I will see the nzxt fans in HWinfo but the rpms dont fluctuate, just stagnant. I will then restart hwinfo or Cam and now they wont even show up in HWINFO sensors status, very strange. It did work for me once where I seen the RPMS fluctuating with my fan curve but it has only happened once, cant seem to get it working again. I tried putting a 30 sec trigger on startup for HWinfo but that didnt work either, I thought maybe CAM has to fully load before HWinfo did.