PC immediately shuts off when Hwinfo is opened


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I've just upgraded to a 12900k and ddr5 with a gigabyte z690 auros master a couple days ago. For some reason starting today as soon as hwinfo opens it shuts down the pc like you pulled the power cable from the wall. Prior to this, hwinfo would crash while loading the sensors when it got to memory configuration. I'd have to force close and it always opened on the 2nd try. Been dealing with a few issues with this new platform but this one just recently and is odd. I really don't want to use any other hw monitor software because hwinfo64 is the best.
Yes, with Debug Mode enabled HWiNFO records the operations it performs so that even after a crash and reboot the file will tell me what it did when it crashed.
You can restart the Embedded Controller and check if the issue persists.
1) Shift + Click the Shut Down button and wait for Windows to turn off.
2) Unplug the power cord or flip the PSU to off (1/0).
3) Press the power button for 1 minute while the power is disconnected.
4) Wait a couple minutes and turn the computer on again.