PCIe Server ioMemory ssd temperature missing


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i'm missing drive temp readout on Sandisk SDFACCMOS-6T40-SF1 6.4TB Fusion ioMemory PCIe, S.M.A.R.T data is not present but "Drive: Fusion ioMemory SX300 (0232c34a-12c5-4bac-b8fe-d46122110a79)" read/write is available, reseting Prefernces did not help, i have installed fio (console drive mangement), Crystal disk don't see this drive at all. Is there a chance to get temp readout?

HWInfo 64 v6.42-4360

Thank you
This drive is most likely using a proprietary interface. Not sure if there are drivers that would allow SATA or NVMe pass-through support.
it has proprietary drivers Fusion ioMemory VSL4 temp/read/write and usage are available throu console or throu web management ,Fusion Management (iOSphere Management Solution)

In that case (proprietary protocol and drivers) we can't do much as long as the vendor doesn't publish information how to access it.