Performance Limit Reasons Feedback


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Hi Martin, Some feedback on the new Performance Limit Reasons in the Beta v4.65-2545 version of HWiNFO64.

This is from an ASRock Z87 Extreme6 board (Nuvoton NCT6776F), Pentium G3258, Windows 10 Build 10130. When I first saw all these "reasons" all I could say is Wow!


I never knew these things existed, I guess they might be found in Volume 2 of the Intel Datasheet for Haswell processors. The things I learned from just seeing all this is great.

PROCHOT can occur on the IA, GT, and Ring (cache) individually apparently, although I wonder how often one occurs without the other being affected, particularly IA and Ring.

The Haswell VR Thermal Event is an obvious but never discussed reason that apparently is independent of PROCHOT. Again these apparently can occur individually for the IA, GT, and Ring. This makes me wonder if each section has its own VRMs, or are they shared.

I could go on but I've made my point. Some things there I don't understand, time for some research.

So now IMO HWiNFO is teaching me as well as informing me, what other monitoring program does this?

I'm almost hoping you run out of things to add to HWiNFO, since I almost need an entire monitor just for my HWiNFO display. ;)  That is a joke, but also not far from reality. Thanks again Martin!
:D Thanks for your feedback ;)
Indeed, some of those values might not be clear and are better understood by system engineers. Even Intel documents are sometimes not clear about it, but the public Intel IA-32 Software Developer's Manual should explain most of them.