Power reporting deviation - also temp question


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Hey, first time posting here, after i saw the red text on power reporting and recommending i post this on the forums. I've also been having unusually high CPU temps the last few weeks, idle is generally around 55-60c and at full load with Prime95, it jumps up to 95-100c. The issue here is i use a 360mm AiO so i don't know what the issue is, It's a MSI MAG Coreliquid 360R. Any help would be appreciated and if you need any other information let me know!


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Hi there,

First you read this

Second the PRD, as stated by the above explanation, only counts under full CPU load. If you hover mouse pointer over the sensor you can read it there too.

Third, unless you made a change in CPU settings the last few weeks, or change BIOS, or ambient/room temp increased, or AIO settings change, or AIO fans/pump have trouble, or fans/radiator need cleaning ... there is no reason for the CPU to just increase operating temperature out of nowhere.