Problem showing statistics with D3D9 games


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I'm using RTSS, MSI Afterburner and of course HWINFO64

I use Afterburner for the FPS and TIME, and hwinfo64 for info related to the CPU.

OSD toggling keys for are set like this:

On/off OSD Afterburner: -
On/off HWINFO64: +

When playing a D3D10 or D3D11 game, I press -, the FPS and time shows up, and press + and the CPU stats show up

However, on a D3D9 game, I press -, the FPS and time shows up, but when I press + , the FPS and the time disappears instead of the CPU stats appearing.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with rtss, hwinfo64 or afterburner.

Thank you

That looks like if "+" was captured by the RTSS instead of HWiNFO. Can you try to set a different hotkey to see how that will behave ?