Progress my PC with canary build


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Hi Martin,
Just to let you know, usually with HWinfo64 set to not waking disabled/ sleep gpu there always causing windows restarted and 2nd gpu gets disabled in Device Manager (to fix this i had to shutdown my PC and doing cold boot). Now I just get driver time out once and Hwinfo64 can still be run (on 1st try sensors freeze, 2nd try sensors including igp and dgpu can get refresh, but 3rd try and more tries some sensors of 2nd gpu missing- can be fix by PC restart). and 2nd gpu not get driver disabled like with previous canary build.
I attached debug file if needed to check.


I think since previous canary build no need to disabled ulps, just set wake up disabled gpu to on to not get that problems.
Driver already updated, Weird is in beta insider driver and WHQL public release , ULPS N/A in GPUz.
Like I said set wake up disabled GPU to On fixed the problem.. but turn it off get the problem.


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