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Looking at the sensor page under the header CPU [#0]: AMD A8-5600K: Enhanced, there is CPU (Tctl) and CPU package (TSI). I assume that to monitor the CPU temp in Rainmeter then CPU Package (TSI) is the one to use. (Tctl) appears to be switching between greyed out and a normal display but all the time displaying low figures. I understand that displaying the AMD CPU temperatures is not straightforward but what is this telling me please?
Under the ASUS F2A85-M (ITE IT8603E) header, there is CPU and Motherboard temperature display. As the CPU temperature is totally different and much lower to that of the setting displayed in CPU [#0]: AMD A8-5600K: Enhanced, I would like to know what this reading relates to and what it is telling me. Also the Motherboard temperature here is always a few degrees higher than the CPU temperature.
There appears to be a temperature sensor on the lower side of the fan of the AMD stock fan and heat sink and I assume this is monitoring the temperature of the air being supplied to the CPU heat sink. Do you know what sensor this relates to as far as HWiNFO is concerned and also if it is not the one that controls the CHA extractor fan what is its function and which sensor and display is it? All the temperatures are changing along with the rpm of the fans. I have changed the fan controls in the BIOS to manually configure the profiles to obtain better temperature control of the CPU but according to HWiNFO the CPU is still reaching 80 – 85 degrees C on a regular basis, sometimes leading to a power reset.
V5.84-3450 64
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For these series of AMD CPUs it's not possible to determine precisely the internal core temperature. The CPU Package value might be closer to the real value.
The CPU temperature under the ITE sensor might be measuring the external (socket) temperature of the CPU.