Query re power sensors


I use the Sensors when asking for peoples PSU info and find they come through with some really good info but I am finding it hard to sort through the readings that I get for laptops as the info is really limited to what volts and capacity of charge in each cell is. Is there another section I should be looking at to find what the different "rails" are working at inside the machine?
I suppose you're talking about the values for battery, like charge rate, etc. I'm afraid there's no other information available that would provide better monitoring of PSU power values - there are only very few PSUs that can monitor their power consumption (and HWiNFO supports a few of them).
There are also other power values available like CPU Power, or for some desktop boards the CPU/DRAM VRs self monitoring. But these values concern only those particular components and not the whole system.
Yes I guess I was after info that is like the PSU readout one can get from Sensors and after researching it a bit the power "train" for laptop is a little more complicated ie power in is obviously (to me) is directed at first charging the battery. Power from there is I am guessing pending further research is diverted to the motherboard an components along dedicated and regulated lines or what we would normally term rails.
Now with the battery out I then assuming the power is still linked to the individual "rails" via some other inbuilt circuitry and the only of tracking it down via HW is to check each circuit those rails provide for.