question about the app


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Have a look at both screen shots paying particular attention to my GPU. The Nvidia is Disabled??!?!? :huh: !?!?!. I just found this out upon installing the application and launching it. Is it actually disabled and I'm not using my card when playing games and using my integrated one? If it is indeed disabled how do I able it and make my laptop use that instead of the integrated one? Do I even want to use the nvidia one?? IDK if it is better or worse. Help would be very much appreciated.  :)
It's called NVIDIA Optimus technology - when there's no higher GPU demand, only the integrated (Intel) GPU is used and NVIDIA GPU is disabled to preserve power.
When there's a higher load (like 3D apps/games), the NVIDIA GPU will be woken up and used, which you can observe in HWiNFO. You should also be able to specify which applications will use the NVIDIA GPU.