Rainmeter Plugin doesn't populate HWInfo Shared Memory Values from remote machine


I own HWInfo64 Pro on several machines - Shared memory Values activated on them.
One remote machine that I am trying to monitor (Blue Iris dedicated server) is connected via network to my main PC.
Rainmeter installed on main PC.
I tried several skin packs which use HWInfo64 SMV to populate data.
All local data is visible and configured.
Remote machine values are visible in HWInfo64, however when I try to populate any of those remote machine values into any Rainmeter skin, they are correctly configured, but not displayed.
Since this is happening across several skin packs, my troubleshooting came to the conclusion that the plugin itself (HWinfo.dll) is for some reason not able to understand remote host IDs.
Also, since my main PC is new, I can't really downgrade HWInfo version (currently 8.00-5400).

Reading this forum section, it looks like the Rainmeter plugin is no longer developed?
Am I out of luck trying to display remote machine values on my desktop?
Yes, the current Rainmeter plugin (which was written by another author) doesn't seem to be developed anymore.
Not sure if there are other plugins available, you might better look on the Rainmeter forum.