1. W

    Rainmeter Plugin doesn't populate HWInfo Shared Memory Values from remote machine

    I own HWInfo64 Pro on several machines - Shared memory Values activated on them. One remote machine that I am trying to monitor (Blue Iris dedicated server) is connected via network to my main PC. Rainmeter installed on main PC. I tried several skin packs which use HWInfo64 SMV to populate data...
  2. M

    "Report to gadget" setting does not persist

    Hi, I'm having some trouble getting any Rainmeter skins that use HWiNFO64 to work. Following the guide in Rainmeter docs, I tried to enable "reporting to gadget". However, the setting doesn't seem to save after I click OK. After enabling reporting to gadget, and clicking OK and re-opening the...
  3. S

    Trying to open main/sensor windows through Rainmeter

    I'm trying to make a Rainmeter skin that, when clicked, will open the main/sensor windows of HWinfo (or ideally just the sensor window, if possible.) I'm pretty new to this so I really don't have much of an idea what I'm doing, although I get the feeling what I want either requires the pro...
  4. Y

    HWiNFO 7.x + Rainmeter clarification

    Hi, I recently made a post on the Rainmeter forums that can be found here. Basically, I noticed that despite what their documentation says on this page, I am seeing continuous writes occurring while using HWiNFO Gadget, the proposed workaround to shared memory support which uses the Windows...
  5. Y

    Registry access

    I posted this previously in Rainmeter forums and was redirected here. I am trying to use rainmeter with HWiNFO64. I am on a standard Windows user account, while HWiNFO64 requires admin privileges to run, so the registry variables do not appear under HKEY_CURRENT_USERS. I have found them under...
  6. AstralNyt

    Comet Lake Rainmeter Skin

    Comet Lake Rainmeter Skin Displays a CPU widget whose various cores and components change color depending on temperature. Graphs are displayed by left clicking each component. Mobo fan sensor not available on my Alienware Area 51m R2. Should also work for Skylake CPUs.
  7. S

    [Solved] Did you know how to change "System" into "Model Name"?

    [Rainmeter] Update=1000 AccurateText=1 [LocalMchnName] Measure=Plugin Plugin=HWiNFO HWiNFOSensorId=0xf0000301 HWiNFOSensorInstance=0x0 HWiNFOType=SensorName RegExpSubstitute=1 Substitute="^(.*]: )":"","(: .*)$":"" UpdateDivider=-1 [LocalMchnSysName] Meter=String FontFace=Open Sans FontSize=15...