Ram frequency with incorrect values


I have two trigkey G2 green. Same specs but different board revisions. Some ic's are not the same and the uefi is different as well.
On the older one, hwinfo seems to read the ram speed correctly but on the newer one it's giving me half the frequency as you can see in the picture. The fan RPM is also different compared to what HWmonitor is reporting and i don't know which one is right. (The older unit doesn't have a fan rpm sensor)


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That was the first thing that crossed my mind but they are both in auto. I tried forcing gear1 but then the system doesn't boot. The other older revision does boot if I force gear1 all the time.
I already contacted the manufacturer about this but since I noticed that only hwinfo is showing the wrong value and the others show the right one (even when I manually lower the frequency on the bios) I thought it was right asking for help here
Are you sure the others show the right value? I would rather say they don't take the gear mode into account and Windows Task manager probably just takes a static value from BIOS which doesn't reflect the actual dynamic memory clock.
You might be right.
The timings are correct however (cl19). They seem too large for such a low frequency. And the aida64 ram benchmark shows around the same bandwidth for both systems.
I will wait for the manufacturer to reply (if I'm lucky)
It took me until now to notice that HWInfo reports the gear mode as 1. It's gear 2 that runs the controller at half speed, so shouldn't the ram be running at 1333MHz?
Can it possible be sensing the wrong gear (since the system will not boot if i force gear 1 instead of letting it in auto)?
It's been 2 days and the manufacturer still didn't respond.
I was experimenting different ram sticks and found out that if I use the bottom so-dimm slot, hwinfo will now show that it's running at 1333MHz and in gear 2. It will also do this with 2 sticks. Only with one on the top slot will it halve the speed and show gear 1.
I keep understanding less and less. Shouldn't it be gear 2 that halves the MC speed and not gear 1?