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Let me introduce my self: a father from Indonesia who use Z97 chipset (ITE IT8620E) and haswell procie and has weak english sorry about that.

Firstly I want to thank and congratulate to HWinfo author/creator. HWinfo is coolest and greatest monitoring software I've ever seen. At least for my system Z77 and Z97. I tried so many monitoring software and found that HWinfo is the most relevance with my BIOS, the most complete reading, the most reliable and awesome desktop gadget (it has back up and restore feature), with color bar which can warn your eyes! Perfect! What a small wispy software. Great job dude author, Impressive

Until now, I never really understand about what and where the reading is. All I know is everything would be fine when readings are fine.
Can anybody tell me for following reading meaning:
1. Temperature 1 is the system temp, its location is the entire of mobo right? Well I know that, but...
2. What is temperature 2? Where is exactly location of it?
3. What is temperature 3? Where is exactly location of it?
4. What is temperature 4? Where is exactly location of it?
5. What is temperature 5? Where is exactly location of it? It changes regularly between 45c and 46c
6. What is temperature 6? Where is exactly location of it? It has never changed, stuck on 46c

7. What is "Power IA Cores"? Where is it?

8. What is 3VSB voltage? What for and where?
9. What is VBAT voltage? What for and where? Is it battery? mine is desktop, why should be there battery
10. avcc3 VOLTAGE? what is it? where? Why is it the most unstable voltage? keep changing 1v up to 6.12v

Thanks for your answer
Sorry for my fools and long question. It could be meaningful info for other newbies or new HWinfo users in the world LOL

Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H-BK
Vengeance 1860
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GPU sold to pay the debt :D
Thank you :)

Some of those values (especially Temperature N) might be invalid and come from not connected sensors. This depends on particular mainboard used and the way how the vendor decided to connect generic sensor inputs.
Posting a screenshot of the values you mention might be helpful.
So in your case Temperature 1 should be "System" (a diode placed somewhere on the mainboard), 2 should be reporting the PCH temperature, 3 the CPU. The other temperatures might be invalid, or monitor some additional components, but only GIGABYTE knows the exact answer to this.

"CPU IA Cores" power represents the power consumption of the x86 cores in the CPU. So it's the power consumption of the CPU minus iGPU (if present) and additional components like Uncore/System Agent, etc.

VBAT is the battery voltage. All systems including desktops include a coin-cell battery which is used to preserve power to a small memory (CMOS) + Real-time clock.
AVCC3 looks not to be utilized on your mainboard (based on the huge fluctuations you mention).
Wooo has been nice and satisfied for getting responses directly by author, mr martin
next question. In the future, I want to show my HWinfo gadget not on my desktop, but I want it shows on a small 5,25 LCD That I will mount on my 5,25 bay. Is it truly possible to do it?
I read many discussion about it, they mentioned something about LCD smartie software bla bla bla to drag HWinfo reading into LCD hardware. Is that true sir?
If it is, so which 5,25 LCD I should purchase for this?
Please mention everything I need to make it. Which LCD, which software, anything else?
Or you may gimme HWinfo forum link that explain this stuff that has been done and worked and succeed
Thanks Martin
I'm afraid I don't have enough experience with particular 3rd party LCDs. LCD Smartie supports some, but I suggest to check at their site for more details, or others (check the HWiNFO plugins)