Remote Monitoring problem


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I've this issue where I can monitor sensors one way, but not the other. I have both PC (where I want to check the sensors of the Server) and Server (where I want to "send" the sensor info to my PC) connected to the same LAN and I can remote monitor the PC sensors on my Server (which is the opposite of what I want to do) but not the way around.

When checking the "Server Role" in "Remote Center" on my PC and plugging in the IP of my Server it just says "Connecting..." and nothing happens. When checking it on my Server and plugging in the IP of my PC is works just fine and the sensors from my PC shows up in "Sensor Status" on my Server, as expected.

It just so weird... it's like the connection is blocked or something. But I don't have problems in other applications, no firewalls are running on either PC or Server and both PC and Server are running the exact same version of HWiNFO64.

I hope someone can help me out... thanks!


So, did this ever get resolved. I am having the same issue. I am wondering if it may have to do with some of the other Windows Security settings that are specific to apps and such.
In my case, it was working flawlessly but stopped working all of a sudden.