Request to add blacklist for some buggy USB connected devices


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Some devices have bad drivers/implementation under Windows OS for different reasons...
Recently I've bought a retro arcade USB joystick Speedlink Competition Pro and noticed it has a serious issue with Windows: for weird reasons when USB connected devices are enumerated over HID in Win10, it causes wrong device ID identification and make it unusable or at least very annoying (have to remove/re-plug it in USB ports).
I already reported the issue to SDL author and he kindly added a workaround in latest SDL versions for Steam etc.:

Can you kindly do the same for HWiNFO and skip this device from enumerating to workaround the "change device ID unexpectedly" bug?
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Does HWiNFO hang when it scans USB devices and if yes, can you please attach HWiNFO Debug File from the hang? I need to see more precisely where it hangs so I know where to apply the blacklist.
No won't hang, will just trigger the same bug fixed by SDL author: will switch from one original (and correct controller with 4 buttons) device ID to another wrong one (generic Android gamepad with 15 buttons).

It happens exactly in the "Enumerating buses" on startup. DBG file:
I will try to add such filter in the next (Beta) build, but it's not easy to pinpoint the exact place in enumeration where this should be applied.
Does the issue happen also when you run in Sensor-only mode?
It works! :)
Thank you for this workaround fix for a buggy device (or is it a Windows bug with this device only? Who knows...)
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Thanks for your feedback, I'm happy to hear that it worked on the first attempt :)
I think this is rather a device problem as it fails during standard USB queries.
... Just one thing: it's detected as Mad Catz Speedlink Competition Pro...
It's not a Mad Catz (??)... the manufacturer is Speedlink and the full name is Speedlink Competition Pro Extra (SL-650212 BKRD).
The device (its internals i.e. the controller) might be originally manufactured by Mad Catz and then resold under the Competition brand.