RGB - MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X


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I have a MSI RTX 3090 SUPRIM X which has RGB.
I don't use any software to control the RGB of the card, this is the default one.

When I launch HWInfo v7.10, it switches off the RGB of the GPU.
I have to switch off my PC and restart it to recover the RGB.
Restarting the PC only (Without switching it off before) is not sufficient to recover RGB.
I have installed Corsair Icue to contrrol the RGB of my H115i RGB Platinum, but it doesn't seem related to this software as even when it is closed, I have the problem.

Thank you in advance.
This one will better I guess as it was regiostrered when teh bug occurs :


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Ah, I see now why this is. You have flashed an EVGA VBIOS onto the MSI GPU. This way HWiNFO doesn't know it's MSI and can't execute the proper fix to avoid RGB issues.
You'll need to disable GPU I2C Support to resolve this.