Rocket Lake; Core Temp Mins 0

I don't think any major company still cares and only acts as if they do, once their goods are sold and the money is in the customer can go F him/herself.
I have noticed this more then several times over the past few years.
It is time the customers started to let their wallets talk and not just swallow everything Big tech and all the others are doing to us.
Martin, if you knew this then why did you not test it and address it in your software or even call it out, do you care this little as well? Trusting big tech that much to solve their own shit?
For me , i have my first rocket lake since 2 weeks and after noticing and searching nothing but the same "we don't really know or care" popped up.
A pity i couldn't take the time to test it myself, in which case I would have flamed big tech myself about it, just as I flame Microsoft and all the others with their bugs and craps.
And yes they too fix their stuff quickly, but only after a user has done their work for them, as i said big tech don't give a F*** after they got the money and this needs to change again.
Same goes for Corsair, they do nothing till users fix the problem for them and only then do they know how to fix their problems. They are not engineers , they just buy in china to sell it to us at a premium profit.
This is clearly an Intel issue, all Rocket Lake and Alder Lake CPUs seem to be affect. I notified Intel about this several months ago, they are very aware, but didn't seem to fix it yet.
I re-reported it to Intel. Said C-States Enabled/Auto = 0c readings and C-States Disabled = No issues. Got this back from Intel escalated support:

I referenced the forum, HWInfo, HWMonitor, motherboard, bios version, batch number, my old Z490/Rocket Lake similar issue and Comet Lake no issue, etc. Intel XTU works well because of no individual core reading.

“We wanted to thank you for the solution that you were able to find for this fix, we would like to let you know that this is actually a misreading from the processor, we are currently working on a fix that should give you the correct readings, this fix will be available for you through a BIOS update, please be pending to your motherboard manufacturer's website in order to get this update as soon as it is released.”
new microcode 53 seems to have resolved the issue, c states on or off don't frikkin matter.
How u get this? I have Z590 Master F7 Bios with i9-11900k and sometimes drops VR-Loop 1 and 2 to 0° and the Core-Temp too. My microcode ist 80.