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Hello, while benchmarking besides of having really different amperes in both sensors and really low GPU VRM Voltage VIN +12V i have extremly high amperage, can someone tell me why hwinfo shows this values?


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I just woke up from naps, but I don't spot the "extremely high amperate" and "really low GPU VRM Voltage VIN +12V".

EDIT: Ok I read your other post and realized the voltage is addressed there.

If you mean GPU Core Voltage, that is supposed to be at that ~1.1v-1.2v ballpark. Which means that when the GPU parts pull that 132-151W it requires current to be around 110A-126A ballpark.

My NVIDIA sensors don't seem to provide the current (Ampers), but based on my maxes, I have max 191.9W and max 1.069V meaning that the current is in ballpark of at least 179.5A. Same thing goes with CPUs, for me the max reading Ryzen 9 3950X are CPU TDC 123.1A and CPU EDC 195.6A.

If you mean comparing to those displayed in lower area of your numbers (around max 64.8A), they are about something different. RX570 is a TDP 150W GPU. The numbers on the higher area, that match at max ~150W ballpark are sensible on full 100% use benchmark.
Thanks, also do you know why my VRM Voltage is so low? before you ask, my bios doesn't have sensors for it, so there's somewhere else i can see the real voltage or maybe how to fix it?