Ryzen 2700X/Hero VII fan issue


I just built a system using the ASUS ROG Crosshair Hero VII motherboard and an AMD 2700X processor.  I'm using an EVGA CLC 280 AIO.  Everything seems to work as advertised EXCEPT when I start HWInof64 the fans on the cooler ramp up for no apparent reason - nothing is running except other than W10 and all it's stuff and HWInfo64.  When I exit HWInfo64 the fans stay ramped up until I start the EVGA cooler software then everything returns to normal.  I'm running the latest version of everything on the system.  Am I the only guy with this issue or am I missing some setting somewhere?  I've become hooked on HWInfo and this is the first time I've run into this problem.  I've got the same EVGA cooler and software on several Intel systems with no problems.  Help appreciated.
Try to disable the "CorsairLink and Asetek Support" option in HWiNFO if it solves the issue.
Martin said:
Try to disable the "CorsairLink and Asetek Support" option in HWiNFO if it solves the issue.

Yes, that fixed the problem with the EVGA CLC AIO.

However in the meantime, I got frustrated and installed a custom cooling system with a PWM Swiftech pump and a couple of Vardar fans on the radiator.  The system runs a couple of degrees Centigrade cooler with the custom setup.  But...HWiNFO64 seems to have a problem with the Pump speed (connected to Chassis Fan 1) and the Radiator fans connected to the CPU fan connector.  For some reason after running Handbrake to convert a bluray disk to an MP4 file the Chassis Fan 1 goes from 1331 RPM to a max of 2812 RPM and stays stuck at 2689 RPM even though the system is basically idle.  The same thing happens to the Radiator fans.  They start at 511 RPM jump to a max of 1320 RPM and then stay stuck at 1247 RPM when the system is basically idle.  Neither the Pump or the Radiator fans are running at the speeds reported by HWiNFO64 when it is idle - after Handbrake has finished.  When I reload HWiNFO64 the speeds reported are back to what I would expect when the system is idle.

I have never run into this issue on any of the other systems - is there something unusual about the ASUS Crosshair Hero VII motherboard or the 2700X processor?  I can supply screen shots if necessary.
So the fans speeds are stuck at high levels and once you close and start HWiNFO again they are reported correctly?
Yes, please attach some screenshots.
Here you go.

Oops, looks like pdf files don't work?!  I'll have to rerun handbrake and create a new screen shot.

Ok, I reran Handbrake to create a good screen clip and the problem did not repeat!!  HWiNFO64 showed the Radiator fans returning to normal after Handbrake was done doing it's thing.

I am attaching the original screen clip (PDF to Screen Clip) just to show you I was not imaging the issue.  Any idea on what the heck would cause this??
Still trying to get you a screen shot!


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