Ryzen 7 4800H question


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Hi there,

I recently got an Asus Tuf gaming A15 with the Renoir Ryzen 4800H cpu.

I am using the v6.27-4190 beta version of hwinfo64 as it says it has improved monitoring with Renoir cpu's.

The cpu core temp matches the temps i am getting with the asus armoury crate software but the cpu (Tctl/Tdie) varies wildly in temps especially when the cpu isn't under load.

Which is the correct temp sensor i should be using please ?
Both values are correct. "CPU (Tctl/Tdie)" is the instant temperature of the hottest sensor in package, while the others are usually averaged values across a small interval.
Hi there, thanks for the prompt response.

In your opinion which one should i take as the normal operating temp of the laptop though ?

Do i use the cpu core as the manufacturer does ? and which one would be comparable to the way say an intel laptop shows its operating temp ?
That's the thing i am wondering about, my laptop is running in the mid - high 70's on both the cpu and gpu while gaming so not hot at all (4800H and 1660ti model), playing shadow of the tomb raider 1080p, default highest settings the cpu is only reaching 80c every once in a while with the cpu core temp sensor and is within a degree or two apart from the occasional tiny spike up into the 90's on the Tctl/Tdie sensor.

The screen while not the best i have ever seen is nowhere near as bad as they make it out to be and i am noticing no ghosting or lag while gaming.

Overall i am really happy with it but am trying to figure out where these reviewers are getting these high temps from and what sensors they are using.