Secure Boot - Show "Capable" (in addition to "On" and "Off")

Jacob Klein

New Member
Windows 11 requires that a system be "Secure Boot: Capable", which my system is.
Yet I intentionally turn that feature off in the BIOS.

HWiNFO should show that my system is "Secure Boot: Capable" somehow.
But it currently just shows the feature as greyed out on the Summary Screen.

msinfo32.exe, for instance, actually shows "Secure Boot State: Off".
And it can also show "Secure Boot State: Unsupported"
... per some of my other devices, and as shown here -

Can HWiNFO be made to show that a system is "Secure Boot: Capable" somehow, please?
The nuance is important as a requirement for Windows 11.

I think this should be possible, so I will add reporting of the supported state in next the build.