Sensor Alert "Bug"


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Hi I found a feature that is almost certainly not configured the way anybody would like... if you set an alert to both display warning window and play sound, it will only pop up 1 window regardless of the notification distance which is probably what is desired however it will only play the sound once which is probably not what is desired. If you set the alert to only play the sound and not display the warning window it will play every notification distance interval as desired.
This is expected behavior - the warning dialog is blocking all other actions and it's meant only for basic usage. For advanced use/specific requirements one should use a custom program or script.
If each alert trigger would open a new warning window and the user wouldn't notice this, it would result in a bunch of windows and annoying process of closing them.
That is totally logical however I'm referring to the alert sound. It should play the alert sound every notification distance interval regardless of whether the warning window is enabled. Say you leave the computer's room and the alarm goes off, you don't hear it, you come back to the room or close to it but don't go back to the computer, you will not be alerted to the temperature anomaly or whatever you configured when the sound isn't playing continuously every notification interval. The way it is now you have to be at the computer to be alerted when warning window and sound are enabled.