Sensor availability with HP Envy Ryzen 4700U



Thanks for a great product and making it easily available for use. It is truly extraordinary.

I recently received an HP Envy X360 (15-ee000) with the Ryzen 4700U processor. I noticed that there were sensors missing, including ACPI fans. With Notebook FanControl, I can sort of control the fan speed and receive fan percentage with custom registers. I say "sort of" because I am uncertain of the fan percentage accuracy. Also, I am not sure if it is related--after the latest firmware/BIOS update, the charge/drain rate sensor has become intermittent. Sometimes it would not show and other times it would appear.

I know HWINFO can only report on what is exposed and available. I simply hope that in the near future I can monitor the fan speed on this machine.

Again, thanks for HWINFO.