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Newby with possibly stupid question here.
I'm a happy HWinfo user, thanks Martin.
I do have a question about the sensor to choose cq to believe.
After searching the forum with different questions I find a lot about the sensors, but not the advise which one to monitor.
The listing shows CPU DTS, Dell EC and Nvidia GPU readings, of which the Dell EC is the lowest. And quite a bit, which confuses me.
When I monitor on the taskbar should I take the Dell EC or DTS ?

Dell XPS M1530 T8300 4GB mem.

Thanks in advance
That depends on what you want to monitor and for what purpose :)
Intel DTS temperatures are read from the CPU core, however as you maybe already noticed, on certain CPUs they provide inaccurate values especially at lower temperatures. For your CPU, I wouldn't rely on that value at temperatures below 50 C.
The DELL EC sensors read values probably from a diode close to CPU, but this is very specific to particular implementation and only DELL knows exact details.
If you're looking to monitor a high temperature condition (close to limits like > 80 C) then I think the DTS might be a good choice.
Thanks for the reply Martin.

I want to monitor mostly the GPU, which is the GF 8600m GT with the well known temp problems. Keeping that low will increase the GPU life.
I followed your explanations on the DTS problems with Penryn CPU's etc. , but what I missed was a clear mentionning how accurate the Dell EC is.
In my system the Dell EC GPU temp shows constant 18 degrees lower than the Nvidia GPU sensor. up and down in the temp range the same.
But I will follow the DTS now and clap my hands when the temp stays around the 50 degrees, how inaccurate those values may be at that range.
DELL EC is a completely proprietary solution by DELL and I'm afraid, but only they know how accurate, or where exactly their diodes are placed. And they won't tell this...
If you want to follow GPU temperature, then I would strongly suggest the nVidia sensor (instead of the GPU temperature under the DELL EC sensor).
Thank you. I will do so.

Martin, maybe you have, maybe not.
If you are interested, I can send the wiring diagram from the Dell Xps M1530 to you. In there you see the temp setting and arrangements from Dell.