Sensor locked after sleep mode


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Sometimes, after resumed from sleep mode, HWinfo does not update the sensors:
- all sensor are locked to last value
- the "Run time" clock is also locked to last value
- "Reset min/max" button, don't work
I must restart HWinfo.
HWinfo64 5.56.3230 (installer version)
Windows 10 Home - Versione 1703 - Build 15063.540

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For this to check I will need you to reproduce the situation when it freezes while running in Debug Mode.
Then please terminate HWiNFO (even violently if needed via Task Manager) and attach the resulting Debug File.
After freeze I closed HWinfo and I attached hwinfo64.ZIP with the file hwinfo64.DBG (see previous post)
Well, it seems there's some problem with your system.
HWiNFO got a proper notification when the system suspended, but resume from sleep wasn't properly processed and HWiNFO wasn't notified about it either.
Moreover after resume a Windows Hardware Error (WHEA) occurred on the CPU embedded PCI Express x16 port. This could be a problem of the GPU, which is attached to that port. You might get more information about this error in the Windows Event Viewer.
So I suggest to search for a problem there are try to resolve it.