Sensor reports from Corsair H115i AIO are glitching


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in intermittent intervals, the sensors from my Corsair H115i AIO (pump speed, water temp, fan speeds) are glitching to 0 value for a second or two.
Sometimes all glitch, sometimes just one ore more.
It doesnt matter if I run the iCUE software or not, but when I stop the Corsair Service, the glitches stop.

I attach two reports and a debug file as zip and a screenshot.


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Thant looks like something else in the system occasionally blocks access to the cooler device and if that happens HWiNFO temporarily loses access.
Are you sure there are no other applications accessing the cooler?
As a test I did shutdown iCUE, MSI Afterburner, Riva Tuner and Fan Control ( ), but the issue persists.
I dont see any other apps that would access the AIO service.
As hwinfo is still able to display data from the AIO even after i shutdown the Corsair Service ( Corsair.Service.exe ), i assume that it doesnt use this service to get the sensor data.
And as the issue is only there while this service is running, my assumption would be that maybe this service is blocking the access to the sensor data from time to time?

Would be interesting if more users have the same issue, or it its just my setup that is affected.
Yes, that service might be blocking others because it accesses the cooler in an exclusive way (while it accesses it, not one else can). Try to stop it.
When I stop it, the issue does no more exist. But it is needed for the Corsair iCUE app to run.
Without this software its impossible to have custom fan curves and control the pump speed for the AIO.
I see, thanks for the test.
I will add a workaround in the next build of HWiNFO that instead of showing 0 in such case, the value will turn grey (meaning HWiNFO is unable to read actual value) and show the last correct value read.