Sensor Status minimum reads 0.0. Normal?


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When I start the utility, the minimum column has a normal range of numbers, but they quickly drop to zero as seen in the pic below. Is this an accurate reading of what the cores actually do or is it a glitch with the utility?

You're right, for some values like BCLK especially this doesn't seem to be normal.
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File that captures this drop so I can analyze it more precisely.
Gladly ... I just don't know how. Where is the debug file?

And just to confirm, this is an issue with the software, not my hardware, yes? I am having trouble with stress tests and am trying to locate the problem.
OK, I am running another short stress test, so I will post the debug file for it in about an hour.

So far, the first two 'zeros' (Core #0 VID and Core #0 Clock) are normal, but the rest are at 0. The difference this time is I have turbo enabled in the bios. CPU speed is otherwise not overclocked in any other way. I first noticed the 'zero' problem when doing a stock stress test that had turbo and xmp enabled (as of this current test, I disabled xmp ... so I am basically running default bios settings now).