Show FPS on HWiNFO OSD using RTSS, but not through RTSS?



Currently I can see the FPS, but displayed by RTSS (show own statistics), and is always the last one on the OSD. Sometimes I see that HWiNFO is able to catch the FPS report and I can move it around the OSD and even display an label, matching my other 3 characters labels, but the RTSS FPS still shows at the bottom. An obvious answer would be to disable "Show own statistics" on RTSS, but doing so HWiNFO also loses the FPS counter.

Is there any way to make RTSS feed HWiNFO with the current FPS, but not show on the OSD?
I don't think there's a way how to do that, since HWiNFO pulls the FPS counter from RTSS. So RTSS would need to report the counter, but not display it and I don't think there's such an option in RTSS.
Martin said:
I don't think there's a way how to do that, since HWiNFO pulls the FPS counter from RTSS. So RTSS would need to report the counter, but not display it and I don't think there's such an option in RTSS.

Hey Martin. First, thanks for the great softwre you've developed.

Now, Is there any way to do what I intend, then? With another software or something
I don't think so, you'd probably need to ask the RTSS author to implement such a feature.

First of all, thank you for such great software.

I want to re open the issue, i need this to work without enabling "show own statistics", well thats the whole point for me, only hwinfo allows me to make FPS one the same line with other values, according to what i have found it is HWINFO that need support for this and rtss don't need any updates, so, will you add this?

Im sure not only i want this to work.
What exact problem do you have? Is HWiNFO never showing the actual FPS, or is it stuck sometimes or not shown in some cases only?
Well i have the same problem as the OP had near year ago, this is why i didn't start new topic.

I want to line up FPS with other sensor data from hwinfo, but to this to work i need to get the fps from RTSS, but it only works if "Show own statistics" is enabled, only then hwinfo catches it, but if it is enabled, it adds another line with raw fps that i don't want, of course this line is added by RTSS.

I have made some tests and you can "trick" hwinfo to get it when "Show own statistics" is not enabled, but i need to do this every time i restart pc, so it is inconvenient.

I do this by enabling "Show own statistics", restart hwinfo, then it catches the fps, i disable "Show own statistics", but hwinfo is still reporting fps.

If i don't do this hwinfo will show nothing, there will be just blank place for fps followed by separator ',' and other values on that line.

Now as i mentioned i have done some research and i'm sure it is a matter of support added in hwinfo without changes in any external apps, will you support it?
OK, I see.
Can you please check in the HWiNFO sensors window what you see when you start HWiNFO with "Show own statistics" disabled ? Do you see the RTSS sensor heading, but no FPS value ? And if you then run a game and return back into the sensors window, what do you see ?
Depends, sometimes RTSS heading is there, sometimes not. If it is there it is initially without fps sub entry.

If i run a game it sometimes catches it - fps sub entry appears, sometimes not - still no entry.
Well, I have tried to reproduce this, but I always get the sensor heading properly shown with "Show own statistics" disabled.
What version of RTSS are you using?
Are you able to determine when it does show and when it doesn't? It should not be random, unless there's a problem with RTSS or something else interfering with it.
I'm using RTSS 6.5.0 beta 5 but i know that the api hasn't changed. (beta supports dx12)

Ok, i have made another tests and it looks like if RTSS shows in hwinfo then running any game changes hwinfo to also show fps sub entry and then it works.

But the thing is hwinfo is not always displaying RTSS, it is not displaying after clean pc start after restart. I have msi afterburner, rtss and hwinfo in autostart.

Well now i suppose it is due to software launch order maybe, no sure?

But i'm just wondering, why hwinfo is not checking constantly if RTSS data is present (i know it works on memory mapped file), this way it would show fps sub entry even without running any game in the first place, would be more consistent i guess.

I have checked this with msi afterburner graphs and rtss, msi always runs first, but it is also always showing fps from rtss, it is just 0 when no game running.

I have also found this code witch is supposedly msi implementation.

It would be also nice if there would be a way to display the rendering api name as prefix like dx9, dx11 etc.

And if we have that topic already, currently i'm using afterburner only for one option, it allows me to display current system time in OSD, is this possible in hwinfo? Could show up as system time sensor i guess.

So, thats it for now, hope it helps and it can be done.
Yes, I think this problem might be related to the startup order - HWiNFO finds the sensor only if RTSS is already up and running.
Right now, I'm working on resolving another issue with the FPS counter (, so I'm checking this too.. But I'm afraid the current HWiNFO architecture doesn't allow an easy way to work around this. So I suggest to adjust startup order of applications, perhaps raise the delay time.

I'm sorry, there are no plans to include current time in HWiNFO sensors.
Well i don't have any delay software to postpone programs startup and frankly this is another software that needs to be installed.

Is there really no way to fix this when afterburner has no problems in supporting this?

I don't know what is the procedure in hwinfo but i understand it only checks once if the sensor data is there?

Couldn't it just check for the RTSS sensor data present every time sensor status windows is shown? Simpler than installing some delay software or you could add "restart" option to tray icon menu?

Of course this can be done i many ways, or this one, could it poll for rtss data presence according to the global polling fraq? It would try like 10 times before giving up, this way it automatically checks for 10 polling intervals if there is rtss data available. I'm using the fact here that if it finds it, then it works from now on all the way till the pc is shutdown/restarted.

I have 1 sec polling, so for me it would be 10 second window, automatically and without any other software.

I really would love to skip installing the delay software.

As for the current time, then whats my options here? There are some extensions/plugins for hwinfo, can i write one, is this open for everyone? And don't get me wrong, but why you don't want to add this, it is simple and nice feature, i know that this is not exactly sensor data, but it is nice to have.
You don't need any dedicated software to adjust autostart of HWiNFO.
It's started via Windows Task Scheduler. If you open it, you can adjust the HWiNFO task including delay parameters.
Nice, didn't know that, yeah, it works like charm now and fully automatic.

Now what with the system time, can i make a plugin or not?
So i need to make a plugin for RTSS and then it will be visible in HWINFO?

How is this working, so there is no way to add sensors to hwinfo?
No, you can make a plugin for RTSS to show any information you want on the OSD.
You cannot add sensors to HWiNFO.
Sorry for the delay.

Well if it is a RTSS plugin then the problem is the same, no control over its order or position that HWINFO is giving me.

Im bit surprised that i can't add new sensors to HWINFO (virtual fake one, but still)

So if i have a custom DIY device with some sensors i can't make HWINFO to display it? Is there any sensors standard that hwinfo is using, i mean, there are lot of hardware and vendors, then how it works? How a hardware vendor can assure it will display in HWINFO.

I for example have light sensor in smartphone, so i can't make it a virtual sensor in hwinfo?