Slightly wrong voltages on accient JetWay V266B


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The mobo is really ancient, it even have a SDRAM slots (and 2x DDR too) and use the oldie KT266A chipset ;) However by some stroke of my stepbro liking these JetWay craps, I got two or there these "beauty"... recapped them ( ) so sometimes I use them for testing purposes.

And since Everest have the voltages off too, and there is not even a detection of the TRAS ram timing in HWiNFO, then I decided to gather some info for hope of possible fix :D (dunno, if it is worth, but what the hell...)

So, bios says this:

Everest and HWiNFO saying this:

...and there is the TRAS in CPU-Z:

(it allow in bios only settings 5 or 6 for TRAS anyway, 2 or 3 for the rest, except CAS is IIRC only 2 or 2.5...) - CONFIRMED

Including Everest report, HWiNFO report and HWiNFO debug.

For what is worth is IMHO clear, that the +3.3V and +5V voltages are bit off.
+12 and -12V are fine, but IMHO the -5V is similary off like the +3.3V and +5V voltages, but no bios reading on this one.
Rest seems to be fine. Leaving the GFX card for burn-in test overnight for artefacts, so there is the report :)


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I believe these slight differences between BIOS and OS (Windows) are OK.
I'll fix the Tras reporting for your chipset in the next build.
Dunno, I would see them as slightly off, but whatever you say :) I tested funny thing, the MemSet added support for various chipsets during time and even almost full line of the old VIA chipsets and quess what! See, it works on this oldie mobo!


And I can crank all the values to the fastest and it is still stable and slow :D (yep, it wrongly identify the ram size as 1536MB, when there are only two DDR (the mobo supports even SDRAMs) slots and two 512MB modules are in them, totalling 1024MB - but that is minor detail)