Slow polling in 7.64 with Gigabyte Z690I after hibernation


Just wanted to post this workaround. 7.64 introduced a new feature: "Enhanced VRM monitoring on GIGABYTE Z690 and Z790 series"

Unfortunately after hibernation, this caused the polling to have a slowed frequency (seconds) when my polling rate was set to 500 ms. One P core was pegged at 100% used by hwinfo as well on a 13700K. I was able to figure out that the new sensor readings (Renesas RAA229130) was the issue by enabling the Profiling Time column in the sensor settings. It showed 5000 ms.

Workaround: Disable the Renesas monitoring in the sensors by right clicking and disabling monitoring.

Now CPU usage is still low and polling is as expected coming out of hibernation.
Try the latest v7.65 Beta, it should fix the problem. If not, please provide a Debug File from that version for analysis.