Smart scan on hdd access


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First I want to say thanks for this great software!

Just let me describe my problem and what I would need to solve it:

I'm using a software called aquasuite, which came together with a fan controlling device for my watercooling. This software was designed for controlling fan speed in dependence of temperatures. My only problem is the input. Until now I'm using open hardware monitor for reading the relevant temperatures, among these my 3 hdds' temperatures. Actually it works very well but I think the permanent reading of smart values prevents the drives from spinning down and going to standby. That doesn't matter for my primary hdd but I'd like the two others to take a rest for most of the time my pc is running.
I first thought of a solution like reading the values every 30 minutes and keep my primary hdd tracked more often. That would be possible by using a second program like AIDA, which would read all hdds after a long interval and using HWinfo with a short interval but secondary hdds disabled (disabling single devices is a really great feaature that other softwares don't have!!).
But this solution doesn't guarantee that neither the secondary hdds are read when working, so that a rising temperature is detected and the fan starts, nor that the fan is cooling to much/long (which makes noise btw), as the decreasing temperature won't be noticed since the scanning interval is long (for allowing long standby times).

So what I really could use is a hdd-access-dependent trigger that realizes when a hdd goes from standby to working state and tells HWinfo to measure smart values/temperature every x seconds during the next y minutes.

I assume this could be a hard task of programming but I don't know if it's even possible at all so please let me know what your opinion is.

PS: I hope this text doesn't contain too many mistakes.
I understand as multiple users have noticed a problem with standby state when a hard disk is polled for temperature/SMART status. I believe this is rather a driver or disk firmware issue, as such action should theoretically not cause the disk to spin up.
The solution might be to constantly poll the disk for state and only if it's active issue the SMART status queries too. But I'm afraid, I really don't know if it's possible to determine whether a disk is in standby or active state. It's possible that trying to send a state query would cause the disk to wake up as well.
Thanks for your reply.

A lot of investigation led me to HDSentinel which has the feature of "automatic detection based on disk utilization". This feature claims to not wake up hdds for smart detection if they are in standby state or if there was no activity since the last check (probably in order to not reset time counter for standby).
Actually that is what I'm looking for but this software isn't supported by the program I use for managing my fans, which seems to need more than just WMI data. 

I don't want to build up expectations but is there a chance to see a feature like that in future HWinfo versions?
Yes, there's a chance for such a feature, but I'd rather prefer a more reliable method than watching a pure software-level usage of the disk.
Hello, can you please help me.
My computer restarts automatically even in normal operation. It restarts with No warning and jumps directly to the first screen when computer starts.

Computer Specs:
Processor : Intel Core i5-6400
RAM : 8GB DDR4-2400 / PC4-19200 DDR4 SDRAM UDIMM
Motherboard : GIGABYTE H110M-S2-CF
Graphics (old) : Radeon R7 240 1GB DDR5 (Single Fan)
Graphics (current) : Zotac GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 Mini (Single Fan)
HDD : Toshiba DT01ACA200 (2000 GB) 7200 Rpm SATA
PSU : Corsair VS 450
Cabinet Fans : 2 x 92mm
OS : Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 17763.379 (1809/RS5)

I installed your utility and i found a warning mark in front of SATA 6Gb/s Toshiba DT01ACA200 (2000 GB).
And after finding that, i went straight to main interface and selected my HDD. There were following warnings:

1. Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)
[05] Reallocated Sector Count: 92/5, Worst: 92 (Data = 320,0)
2. Device Statistics
Number of Reallocated Logical Sectors: 320
Read Recovery Attempts: 7
Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 6

I use this PC for Video Rendering in Adobe Premier, use Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine, Games like: Six Seige, GTA 5, Ghost Recon etc.
Please HELP ME!! because it causes so much loss of work and time. Any HELP will be appreciated!
That indicates bad sectors are appearing on your hard disk and it is reallocating them.
That might or might not be the reason for your problems, but in either case I'd suggest to backup data and replace the disk.
Martin said:
That indicates bad sectors are appearing on your hard disk and it is reallocating them.
That might or might not be the reason for your problems, but in either case I'd suggest to backup data and replace the disk.

Thank you for replying and can you please tell me if these bad sectors can be removed or repaired by a utility?
What causes bad sectors and how can i prevent a HDD from creating bad sectors?
And i also searched for some hard drives and one of them was Seagate Firecuda 2TB SHDD 7200Rpm. Is this one will be optimal for my PC depending on the work loads and preferences ?
Those sectors are physically damaged and cannot be repaired. They start to appear usually when the drive has experienced a serious condition or is damaged and the amount of bad sectors tends to grow.
The drive has a certain amount of spare sectors to which it re-allocates the bad ones, but this space is limited.
And can you please provide just one more help.
I am going to change the HDD within 2-3 days, but i'm still not sure if 'abruptly restarting' problem will be solved.
Can you please provide assistance with how to diagnose or analyze PSU working because i think my PSU is also faulty.
And i have run Windows 10- Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool (No errors found) and individual partition system error check (No Error Found in all partitions).
I'm sorry, but such issues are very difficult to diagnose and I'm not even aware of any software diagnostics that would provide reliable results here.
Best practice here is probably to replace components (if you have spare ones) and see what happens. Or remove some from system.
I think there are other forums that might give you better guidance in such topics.